ETH 2.0 Staking

interesting point to make i wonder if this will have an effect on the non custodial exhange movement … otherwise the custodial exchanges are gonna start looking even more like banks.

Banking: provide interest in savings by putting the money to work. So yeah, that can be digitized and decentralized.

When we talked about decentralized banking a lot of people said never, but is obvious now. We will look into allowing staking of other tokens besides NEX.


for sure u gotta take a look at pooling deposits and timelocking … one person wins all the interest the rest get deposit back … forget the name of the operation thats doing this…

pushing the operational costs over to a more secure , cheaper fiat DLT is obvious now… those server fees on the challenger banks are just plain ugly

Staking on Nash would get me excited. I have been staking ADA on Yoroi Testnet with an annual return of 18%! I dont know if you have followed Cardano or Charles recently but this project has some big commercial plans for 2020.

Hopefully Nash will look into it and list this gem of a coin soon

cardano… i remember when this “gem of a coin” used to be $1.20. :joy:

Not sure what you are trying to say but all altcoins had the same fate. None of them return you 18% now. None of them hired a huge marketing firm such as McCann

actually binance bnb is doing amazing lol :grin: so i wouldn’t go as far as saying “all altcoins had the same fate”.

i just think calling any altcoin a “gem” right now is quite laughable.