Error when trying to send Bitcoin, from my external wallet

I can see that you added Bitcoin to the wallet, great job! It is only for hodling bitcoin, trading pairs and fiat ramps to be added asap.
I encountered a problem when trying to send from external wallet to personal…I get this error when I click the external walletScreenshot%20from%202019-10-19%2001-07-49
You should have tested this before going to production, just saying, I hope you fix this fast.

They are clearly still working on the Bitcoin implementation right now, especially as they are in a development sprint before tomorrow’s event. I wouldn’t recommend sending BTC yet until they make an official announcement. We’ll find out more tomorrow about the BTC implementation and expectations.

First off it was 100% tested before being pushed to production so don’t say “you should have tested this”. Also the team will look into it. it is just a very busy time with the event tomorrow in Lisbon.

We don’t have Bitcoin wallets yet so there is no place to send it to or from.

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