Error signing up for NEX community page

(Len) #1


Myself I had troubles creating an account on the community page. And now my friends/family have the same… It comes to that when you sign up you either get the errors:

  • Username taken
    while it isn’t.
  • Server error has occured please retry again later

Hope to find a solution for this! Thanks in advance. My friends do ofcourse hold 1 NEX.

*Edit: could be that the username is too short, don’t worry you can change that afterwards, try to restart browser relogin the NEX extension.


maybe username is taken but the person has not been active yet ?

… i had “Server error has occured please retry again later” 2 days ago but all cool now

(Len) #3

There are around 250 users of the NEX community page so I doubt that some random name as

Lavada Badman, for example is taken.

(Tom) #4

Thanks for the report, we will look into it!