Error signing up for account...please try again

I shared my referral code before registering my account so my code shows as invalid but now when I try and sign up through someone elses code I get “error signing up for account, please try again”.

Any solutions on how to fix this so I can actually register/obtain a new code?

That’s great. But I can’t seem to register my account using any referral code. I get an error message when trying.

Hmmmm… Try to refresh the browser or switch to incognito?

Tried switching browsers and going incognito, same invalid message.

You’re using a random ref code now? Or the one you accidentally shared? You might be using the ref code someone else shared to the public before registering?

Care to try my ref code?


That’s actually the one im trying and I still get this message.

I have tried clearing cookies, swapping browsers, going incognito, using my original referral code, using 3 other peoples referal codes; all the same results. @canesin @ethan @chris.fenwick

I’m afraid I can’t say what the problem is, but I’ve alerted the developers and we’ll be looking into it.

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I appreciate it. Thanks

@NATENEX Can you try resetting your password? (Press “Forgotten password?” then enter the email address you want to sign up with). If you get the email, then you can set a new password and your account should work.

Thanks, that seemed to work. For some reason I wasn’t getting those emails reset emails before since I had tried that last night. Also, I noticed that the email login is case sensative otherwise it throws back an password and login error message. Might be something that needs to be looked at.

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I’ll pass it on.

After further exploration it seems it defaults your entire email to lowercase for the login to recognize.