Equilibrium feedback closing on May 2 - 12:00 UTC. Re-open on May 17

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback! We have already collected and processed more than enough feedback for several iterations of the MVP products. We will for this reason close the feedback threads tomorrow at noon UTC. The beta will continue open so community members can continue to play with it.

The feedback tracks will be cleaned and re-open on May 17 together with a new deployment of the system.


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With dark themed yea?

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@canesin is equilibrium open now, my login keeps crashing.

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Unfortunately I don’t have time these days to test Equilibrium. But after reading a few comments, I know for sure that the Nash Team can be incredibly proud of everyone and they will set up a very nice exchange! I will give my feedback on 17th of May with a Livestream :wink:
See you soon :nash_n:


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I think we are really close to the MVP. If I bet is the opening on May 31 :wink:

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Launch has to be launching- soon?

Plz add dark theme and i think beta testing going long time. Many investors say team work is very slow. Plz think that problem.

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Where is the teamwork slow? Something can only say people who have no experience in software development.

And besides, fabio has long ago said that the Dark Theme will be integrated.

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Hey guys, I tested equilibrum and would like to know where can I send my feedback for it??

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didnt you even read the main post?

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I suggest you to go through the feedback thread, if your feedback has already been provided by another member, then there is no point of giving it again. If not, create a post and let the team know

Main feedback threads are already closed

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Why is there no Cancel option for open orders?! hmmm…is it hard to implement or is just a bug? Also never could place a limit order in the NEO-USDC market…Not to mention that market orders are pretty broken on all markets…I mean…I couldn’t even test the exchange properly…but at least it looks nice :sweat_smile:


It must be a bug because it has been there up to this point.

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really ?

(Kazanchev) #15

Not a bug, just Fabio’s decision.

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How do I get code to test Equilibrium?