Equilibrium feedback: Account creation

(Kwicks) #1

I know I am late but I have one more feedback about the account creation.
I tried to post this some weeks ago but I was quite busy the last month and then the Thread was locked every time I had a short timeframe to post.

But anyway, maybe you want to take this into consideration:
When I created my account I had to verify my word phrase.
This happens in 3 word batches
I was able to only fill in the last of the three words to jump to the end.
Then the process stuck on an empty page.

Maybe its better to auto-redirect the users only when the filled all three words not only the last.

Picture one (right when I filled in “arena” I get redirected but the second word is still empty)

Picture two - empty page after I filled the rest of the confirmation pages.


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Equilibrium feedback threads still closed?
(Alex) #2

Interesting catch.
Also like to add that clicking the step-bullets at the bottom didn’t work as expected. For example going one step back on the two-factor auth page was possible, but secret words page was reset. Had to reenter the 12 words before I could proceed to Two-factor step again.

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(FCC) #3

We will re-open the feedback threads at the end of the 20 (Monday), please use those for input. Thanks for the report!

(FCC) closed #4