I would like to suggest to think about Enjin (ENJ) listing and especially working towards the integration in their wallet as Nash to be an additional service to swap enj vs eth etc.
I am not really an enjin guy and I usually don’t like topics about specific token either. But still I wanted to give this input. I think enjin is one of the most advanced tokens in the gaming sector and it has a very fanatic community. Plus, and probably more important, I experienced the enjin community as very immature regarding the crypto space. While this is usally probably a bad thing, in this case it’s different in my opinion. The community is different because the ‘gamers’ are dominant, in other words ‘users’ who are new to crypto, don’t have years of a relationship to coins and especially exchanges and are easily to get hyped about things.

Grettings, J


Mh, while we are waiting and waiting for Bitcoin, from my perspective it’s sad to watch the competition once more scored here.

Guess they got a lot of "new-to-crypto"customers