End Staking

Maybe someone from the team could shed a little more light on the following thought for me. I’m sure you have worked everything out and there’s a mathematical explanation, but wouldn’t it be good to be able to end stakes under the payment of a penalty? Ie: someone really wants to stake for 2 years. The lay down a stake, but after 1 year they need to end the stake. To do so, they pay a penalty which is fed into the system and/or paid to other remaining stakers. The penalty is worked out in such a way that the staker loses more than Nash.

Sure, this person is then probably going to dump, but my thinking is that having this option will also encourage far larger stakes, and bring more stakers in. If I know i can get out in an emergency I will stake far more and more readily. So the money that is pulled out is fed in from the other side, and then some. Because, in terms of driving users to our system, and having them buy into the mechanics of it, I think this would be very effective.

There may be a very simple answer as to why this is not possible for Nex in particular, as a security, I don’t know…

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There is both economical and practical engineering issues with that. So it is not happening any time soon.

First to “penalize” someone is hard when dividends are paid daily, you would need to penalize enough to compensate the retroactive bigger gain. This is super hard to compute on the blockchain.

Second, is not in the interest of the community to allow people that is not fully committed to enjoy the possible reward of being fully committed.


Thankyou for the answer Fabio. I understand there are technical issues that rule it out, but the issue of being committed to something, I’m not so sure. The person who exits the stake wouldn’t be enjoying anything at all. He/she would be paying a heavy price. I think this angle is not really valid when we are talking about a financial product basically. I actually find end-staking under heavy penalty a more realistic model, adapted to human nature.

Anyways, I am excited for the future of Nex.

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@canesin hi there! And what happens if I stake NEX for two years and sometime during this period my country joins the restricted countries’ list? Thx!

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Maybe reason for quit staking is not connected with losing commitment. Maybe someone need urgent money for returning credit,etc… There should be easy to implement penalty like 20% of NEX tokens if you wanna quit 24m or 10% if you wanna quit 12m,etc… this would be fair and taken NEX could go to stakers as dividends. What do yo think about this?


I was also thinking about this, I have kids and my biggest concern is what if I need money for a medical bill or something that can’t wait. Basically I figured that if I can show someone that I have the money and the only problem is that I can’t access it yet, I will be able to borrow money from somewhere :face_with_monocle: if I would give control over the assets :confused: staked.

You should consider building an emergency fund for these scenarios before investing in wildly risky markets like blockchain.


I do but you never know how much is going to be needed. USA is has the most expensive medical bills in the world :exploding_head: Just the way I calmed myself so I can stake 67% of what I hold :handshake:

I appreciate where you’re coming from, but my suggestion is meant purely as an additional financial tool that makes financial sense, no matter the motivation for ending the stake. Part of the game.

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I definitely think that it will not hurt at all. But this is based on what I know :handshake: