Elrond AMA on Telegram w/ Canesin

Is anyone able to copy over the AMA (question’s and answers for this) that @canesin did on Telegram? I don’t use the platform.

Was there an Ama on telegram? I thought this would be the channel for official statements/news?

Its wasn’t specifically for the Nash community but for the Elrond community

I don’t use Telegram either, however, I assume it was simply to introduce them to Nash and answer any questions they might have before ERD is listed on Nash

Yeah I assume this too but I am more curious at what was asked and answered.

Yes! I’m really curious on what’s the backstory behind Nash’s team and Elrond!
I met Ben in person in San Francisco in 2018/17?, he was already planning Elrond and was a looking for advisors to help the project.

Hey @canesin has the implementation been done already for ERD on Nash? Or have we to wait for after mainnet then the work starts?
Not really, we will both sides use a new standard called Rosetta to implement it - will be a good test for both projects, since this is a standard made for fast addition of new blockchains in service infrastructure. This being a success will mean ERD can be added with extra speed in other projects and Nash can add projects following Rosetta faster as well.
We are aiming to start testing ERD integration 15 days after mainnet.
Nash is non-custodial (like a DEX), so funds are locked in smart contracts and we need a bit of battle test before move high values.

[QUESTION] Hello Fabio, as we are in the Elrond channel and people might not be that familiar with NASH, can you please elaborate how the elrond community benefits from this partnership and why you think the ERD trading should take place on Nash instead if the existing exchanges?
Nash is a platform, our flagship service is the Nash Exchange. So in Nash users can HODL (wallet), Trade (Exchange) and Pay (use on txs). All this while being non-custodial.
Basically Nash is one-stop-shop for all finance things on the blockchain, all while keeping those assets yours - you can do these things in other places, but there they are just numbers on the screen.

@canesin Hi very good to have you here and this collaboration with elrond is wonderful. So my first question is about Nash pay, how does the service work, is there website integration so small business owners can except crypto payments?
Yes! So it will be a simple self-registration process, launching now beginning of July. We will offer a REST API and plugins for stores, starting with Magento2. So you can use it with ease in your e-commerce website.
We are also planning a simple POS solution for physical stores.

Question from @Borninda80s: Will the bep2 or erc20 tokens on non custodial wallets be swapped automatically to mainnet blockchain by when erd gets integrated with nash. In a word would Nash support the token swap ?
I think Elrond itself will run the token Swap, we will support the native ERD asset.

[QUESTION] Can we expect some future dev of a part of Nash using Elrond Blockchain? There’s some key piece that you want to have more decentralized or with fast speed in the future?
When we support a chain, we also deploy our state channels solution into it - so this means Nash state channels will be running on Elrond.

han phan:
{QUESTION} Nash can accept from US? Is it real?@canesin
Yes! We are available in several US states, we went to great lengths to have from ground up compliance.

How Nash is different from Binance?
You don’t have any ERD on Binance, you have IOU. You only trully own your ERD when you withdraw it to your wallet. This is because Binance is custodial.
Nash is non-custodial, meaning you and only you have access to the private keys.

Kristie Dude:
@canesin I am a fan of your work and vision! Many exchanges provide not only exchange services but also staking or kind of rewarding those who hold particular assets on exchange. Does NASH plan to offer such possibilities? May be some new solutions?
A big difference is that you don’t hold anything at Nash, we do plan however to support staking of other tokens besides NEX in the long term.
One thing that we are working on is a bot solution so people can put they assets “to work”.

Also, will you provide defi services like loan of ERD etc
Not initially, Nash currently doesn’t have borrow and lending.

Justin Sane:
When can we expect Elrond on nash?
We will run tests 15 days after mainnet.

Mít Tơ Trader:
[QUESTION] How do you think with Asia market? Does Nash team have any plan approach VietNam which the potential market in crypto, there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money from crypto?
We want to expand to Vietnam, but this is a compliance restriction - not a technical one. There isn’t a place Nash doesn’t want to be available to. PS: love Asia!

Will Nash provide staking in future?
Yes, we do plan to expand the staking from being NEX only to all tradable assets. But Nash is non-custodial, so this means direct staking on the network - there are some technicals to be cleared before that is in place.

[Question] Are there any other goals behind this collaboration, other than exchanging tokens on nash exchange ?
Enrich Nash and Elrond ecosystems. Make communities closer =)

han phan:
{QUESTION} How can NASH protect users and their funds from hackers? @canesin
We have a MPC technology that allow you to revoke keys! It is pretty cool, visit us to see it.

Guys, unfortunately I have to go. @MichaelStev will collect the missing questions and I will reply later! Thanks all!


Thank you very much @JustUS!

We are also planning a simple POS solution for physical stores.

That is great news regarding Nash Pay!!


There is now a mainnet timer on the Elrond homepage:

Together with this statement, it should help estimating when ERD will be tradable on NASH.


did the test running start? In other words, are on track (possibly for a start around september 5th (which was stated by the ERD team to be the earliest for exchange launches))?

@JustUS Elrond team publicly asked all exchanges to hold markets launch to September.

yes, that’s the part I know. What I wanted to know is, if you started the Internal tests like it was said in the AMA question I quoted. But I can rephrase my question to:
Is everything going smooth so far / any unforseen issues/blockers occured so far?

So far no issues - Elrond has a fork of blockatlas that we are looking into using for integration since their Rosetta effort will take longer than planned.

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