Elastos on the Neon Exchange

I watched the 1 year anniversary livestream of Neon Exchange and Fabio mentioned that their plan is to add tokens with a community behind it regardless of the volume or market cap. The idea is that a lot of people from the respective communities will start trading on NEX if their token is listed there.

I fully agree and support that plan and in my opinion one of the best coins to add would be Elastos. The reason being that the Elastos community is probably the best I’ve seen. Very dedicated community on all social medias and it’s just a good coin overall. Another good reason is the lack of exchanges trading Elastos. As far as I know it’s only being traded on Kucoin and Huobi. So NEX adding Elastos would attract a lot of people from that community and also allow for new people to buy in via a safe and regulated exchange.

I’m not sure how difficult it’ll be to add Elastos but I hope the NEX team at least looks into this.

Lemme know in the comments what other coins with good communities NEX should look into.


very good idea, Elastos apart from having a very strong community, is a great project with a great future, let’s hope the NEX team includes it to the exchange.


true…I would love to see Elastos on NEX. Actually two out of 3 of my favorites :slight_smile:

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what many forget about elastos that it has an extreme inflation in the future.

You consider 4% per year extreme? I do not. I bet more than 4% of tokens simply get their keys lost etc yearly. This is not a serious negative, but rather a selling point as that 4% is on the table for community contributors.

Also, Elastos just did their radical coin unlock etc. to avoid being considered a security by US authorities. I’m far from a legal specialists, but seems they are working hard toward compliance - all the more reason for NEX to look at listing them!