Edited: Still having issues in Tier 1

@canesin @fabwa
No getting option under account->limit it says “Denied”…
Just to confirm my first ID was

@daljitjatt555 yes we are using the correct account. If you can read the private messages follow the latest instructions there. I increased the private messages limit - if you refresh this page you should be able to reply to it. If not, we will pull in support this since by email we have no restrictions.

This case has been solved.
I am just making this topic visible again for future reference:

  • When doing the identity verification never use a copy of the document, only the original.
  • Tip n1: put the document in a plane surface.
  • When doing the identity check, prefer to be in a well lit space with sun light.

For support always prefer to use: https://support.nash.io … as this community will very likely not be able to help you in specific issues.