Earning yield on NEX?


Last night a few questions popped into my head regarding the savings product and the NEX token.

  • Is it possible to earn yield on it and distribute it because NEX is a security?
  • If so, will it be possible to generate yield on staked tokens? I think the answer is no, unless there is something technically possible to restake them in another kind of contract?


Not sure what you mean: stacking NEX does generate a field proportionally to the amount, staking duration and of course exchange volume.

I doubt the savings product will generate NEX if that’s what you’re asking.

If your question is will Nash be able to have a savings product considering its token is a security, then I guess the answer is yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned it!

Could you clarify your point?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
What I am saying is that I was wondering if there was a possibility that the NEX that we stake as we do now, can be deployed in a different way (while keeping the same benefits as now) to earn interest through DeFi as it should be possible with other tokens…

You know of a token/platform where you generate a dual yield?

I’m referring to a normal yield here for other tokens, not dual yield.

What I want to get at with NEX is whether it is technically possible to earn yield in other ways, while respecting the time aspect as we are used to. In this way you could keep the advantages we have now depending on the time of the stake, but perhaps the tokens could also be used in another Defi product that generates additional yield.

I’m not technically inclined at all but this should be possible, right?

As a collateral for margin, might be? I am not sure… You can’t touch em for quite some time and the value fluctuates.

@GMS Well, right now the NEX staking reward is some sort of a dividend. If you want to have an additional source of income over the staking period, Nash would need to adjust the staking contract.

Nash would need to build a contract that mints a synthetic token, every time when you open a new staking contract, similar to what AAVE does with the aToken. In this case for staking NEX Token you would receive the same amount of “aNEX” Token, which grants you the right of unstake your origin stash of NEX. Then you could use these “aNEX” Token as a collateral at other platforms like AAVE, Maker, Compound, Uniswap etc. and lend f.e. USDC and buy another bunch of NEX, staking it again and so on… you get the point.

However, this would require that other lending platforms actually recognize NEX as a collateral. This could be difficult, since staked NEX Tokens would have different lock-up period’s. Imagine, someone wants to unstake his recently earned collateral and finds out, he has to wait another 12 month for receiving his origin NEX Tokens. Although there is also an argument, that he would receive the right to earn the staking rewards (which right now is bound to the personal account).

So in general, I think its a great idea, since it would most probably reduce available NEX on the market which could drive the price up significantly. But it would need some adjustment of the actual staking mechanics.

I wonder if the Nash team would like the idea?!


I would love to have the chance to loan money over my staked NEX ( in Nash platform ), in case of liquidation Nash can just take control over the collateral :wink:
I would definitely take 20% worth of staked value, since NEX never seen a price of 20 cent, it would be a safe bet for me :smiley:

This would be :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: ( I would not exclude it, Nash is not ordinary. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ) It should happen in Nash ecosystem probably :wink:
If it happens, no rewards to join will be necessary :smiley: @Kellogg ( “We want killer growth hacks“ people will come in organically, and we would need to worry about overload, and hire more support) AMAZING DREAM

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