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Hello Everyone, my friends @ethan @fabwa @canesin

We have been involved with nash since it was first thought of as NEX so we come in peace to share our experience. Today we experienced an issue when the system while it is under maintenance that needs addressed for the normal non tech person in this situation. It has happened before but today got us caught in a pickle because we were away from home and did not know it was in maintenance before our purchase.

Due to being away from our computer we could not access the community from our mobile phone without the chrome extension so we brought it up on Twitter. Of course people didn’t like that and we apologize but with no access to the community on our mobile it was the only option as an email to support would not have been returned in time.

That being said, as a community we need to fix the issue with not having access to move our bitcoin when the system is in maintenance. Today we were in a store that accepts bitcoin, when we tried to pay for our merchandise, we soon found we had no access to our bitcoin on the app or thru the website due to maintenance.

Obviously many of you will say that you can still access it with your private keys or seed, to us and a tech person that is fine. So Yes, we know that, but no one on here holds those things on themselves when out and about, so using them to access another App was not possible. We especially do not have them on us just in case Nash is under maintenance with no access to your portfolio to move bitcoin or even see your private keys to use a different app or ledger.

Due to the maintenance on the site and app today, we left the store without our merchandise because the payment timed out with no access to our Bitcoin. A little embarrassing because we talked up the fact we were going to use bitcoin in front of other customers.

We used the word “NonCustody” today in our tweets, saying that because due to this scenario it felt that we did not actually have custody of our bitcoin. Yes, We know that nothing would happen to it and we know Nash does not have custody, but please understand, when you don’t have the ability to move it or access your private keys or seed from the app or website you feel you have no control. You feel like the bank has shut down and closed their doors, while the guy across the counter wants to be paid for the merchandise with the line growing behind you and your in a panic. No one wants to be in that position, especially all the new people we brought into the space with no tech background to even think of using their private key or seed phrase on a different app, they want the “bank”(app) they chose to deal with to always give them access to move their funds.

Here is where we can start thinking what an option may be, Is there a way that when you are doing maintenance that the wallet portion can still be accessed and perhaps just push an update? Our other wallets(not exchanges) off Google Play update automatically still allowing access to move your bitcoin.

We hope we can all help fix this, we bring this up because besides the community on here, we have lots of people using and going to use the nash app. We can’t have people in line or online trying to pay in bitcoin with no access at all to do that.

Please note, we may not have wrote this perfectly as I am not a writer and I am bad with words but, we are not trying to cause problems or fights just point out something that I would freak out to my bank if they did not give me access to my money. Im sure we have all been in a position where the bank is closed your card is fucked and you have no money over the weekend, but fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way with bitcoin.

Love you all, hope we can work on this. Sorry about twitter but maybe that is something else we can address. Accessing the community away from the desktop.


Calgary, Canada


Which store(s) in Calgary accept Bitcoin?

I’ll give a simple solution, make a new bitcoin account and put 50$ on it and safe the private key in your mail. You’ll always have a backup. Are you travelling and lost your wallet, just need internet and you can access some emergency funds. Maybe this can also be done with the MPC, which can make a new key where you can only access 50$ from your account. Because in this case, when you lose the key, you do not automatically lose your 50$.

We first have to note that Nash still isn’t in their GA phase, therefore the focus on “non-tech” people will be less. I definitely agree that this is a focus point when Nash Pay is live, though I definitely know that the team has already thought about this.

  1. Nash is in MVP, everyone following the project knows, and Wednesday is the scheduled maintenance. Most of us in the community channel are excited to see nash maintenance logo knowing more improvements are coming
  2. Nash is non custodial. I know the questions on the trading contract, team mentioned several times, they will come up with a tool for withdrawing from there. (They did mention it can be done today for someone with deeper knowledge , I have no interest in learning about this at least for now and will wait for the tool for public)
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Nash is truly non-custodial. Nash does not hold your funds, you hold your own funds and you have the private keys to your funds, that is the definition of non-custodial. However it would be nice if Nashers could somehow still send and receive funds even when Nash is under maintenance (even if all other Nash services are down). I don’t know the limitations or difficulty of this.

Well I guess that is your opinion, on the other hand, I love sharing the Nash products to my friends. Also, we are not even at general availability yet so there are bound to be hiccups. If you have ideas on how Nash could be better you should provide feedback with ideas on how you think they can improve. Otherwise, just wait and see as the product advances and becomes better as we move closer to GA. This is still the beta really (MVP).

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The only thing which would make it a lie would be if NASH would take custody of your assets. And that’s not the case. So you (and the guy below you) either dont understand the word non custodial or your are disappointed about whatever and decided to troll.
The orignial post was talking about not being able to access the assets (for whatever reason), but that’s not what you are trying to make out of it.


That’s why I said I’m sure it technically is non custodial.

I’m disappointed over the fact that my anticipated advantages related to being non custodial seem not to work out that way in reality. A feeling I seem to share with Topic Starter.

For me: Non custodial = I’m in control. – And I’m currently not always feeling that way when trying to access my Nash account. I’m not interested in reaching out to support for every little problem like they’re my problem-solving-biatch. (Already have Revolut Concierge for that)–

I only meant to inform on my misunderstanding of Nash proposition. Not trolling.

I’m not very tech savvy but I know some types of updates can be pushed in real time without downtime. If I’m not mistaken then I think @canesin once talked about it himself on this forum. I’m sure Binance does real-time updates most of the time.

Can someone explain me when it would be possible to do a real time update and when not?

You can always take all your PK and import them in separate wallets and control your personal accounts from there. Even if there is maintenance of the platform or is offline. Only problem is with trading account which you can’t access without working platform. This whole approach is still new and project is still very young. I know we all want for NASH to become volume making machine but we also should understand it will need time and errors would appear and would be fixed.

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Yes, it is possible - we just didn’t do it yet because we were doing other stuff. We will make sure to prioritize that wallet functions have zero-downtime on updates so this doesn’t happen again.


Lovely message. Thank you for sharing this. It is how Nash will improve.

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Very nice response Fabio. I also noticed Ethan on Twitter accepted that this is something that needs to be improved and admitted that Nash will work to solve this. That is amazing customer service. I’m very proud to be part of this project when I see responses like that. Very admirable.

If Nash opens with an Amazon Customer Service experience level & attitude, then it will do very very well.

Great work