Does the latency increase with volume?

Is the latency depending on the tradevolume? Let’s say the tradevolume increases significantly. Will the latency also increase? Or is that a fixed variable?

This is the question from my friend, and I don’t know the answer.
Please help. Thank you :handshake:

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Not necessarily, this is a scaling question “how scalable is Nash solutions?” this has different answers to different pieces of the system - overall we can handle a lot of volume, having to scale further will be a nice problem to have.


Could you please help me understand with a more detailed answer( answer for the questions that you know are right to ask): How scalable? And the different answers for the different pieces of the system.

This are my only friends ( 2 brothers) that are full time traders, and I really want them to see the value. Also I will know how to answer a question like this for the future.
Please share this information if is the right time for it to be shared.
Thank you :blush:

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They can move billions of dollars with the same latency of today. What we need to scale more if we have millions of users is user data feeding so that everyone receive things fast.

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The right way would be “when” we have millions of users :handshake::grin:. Thank you very much. I never question that it will happen, it’s a matter of WHEN it will happen. I will support all the way :partying_face: