Does NEX have stop-loss order?


(Chainblock) #1

I see most of the exchange in dex does not have stop-loss order…Does NEX have stop-loss order at launch…It is very important…

Will Nash have Trailing Stoploss function?
(Crypt On The Beat) #2

Think they"re gonna have it for sure ! Hope they gonna put take profit order too

(Chainblock) #3

Team still did not confirm it…

(Newst Het) #4

Well, If you are a programmer than it should be easy to implement a stop loss, Tho it would not be a server side stop loss but should be good enough if you connect through their exchange API.

(Bunder) #5

No, offcourse not.
The team is very busy with other more important things, than just a stop loss on the neon exchange. Maybe for you it is important to get a reply from the team… But the team is busy with other things :man_technologist:!

(Ethan Fast) #6

We will support stop loss at launch

Will Nash have Trailing Stoploss function?
(Hodltill100x) #8

Here,He smash it again

(Andrea [Nex Italian Community]) #9

There will be stop-loss AND take-profit option at the same time? Like Bitfinex for example…

(Basti) #10

I can not imagine that. Stop loss is power. But take profit would turn it all in another direction …