Dockyard role in nash

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recent tweet from dockyard ( makes me wonder whats the role of dockyard in development. The community believes that nash has a superior dev team in house, and does not need any external expertise other than for less important stuff which makes sense for third party to look at while nash team look at critical stuff.

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They literally say in the tweet it was developing a virtual trading floor web app.

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i wonder whats that “virtual trading floor web app”, well I understand nash does not need to tell me, just curious.

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We hired DockYard on March 2018 to bootstrap development of the Elixir side while we escalated our internal team, hiring outstanding engineers as we have is not easy and takes several months. So to improve time-to-market DY helped us for about an year on the non-blockchain backend developments. Since Q1 our development is 100% internal, security is augmented from time to time with external companies.

PS: As usual, we don’t announce partnerships. We worked together, built stuff and are delivering products.

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This is pretty impressive


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Number 4 doesnt even get a medal :joy: but looking at the top 3 names I am happy nash is “honourable representative” :wink:
[Edit] oh its 2 images :smiley:

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