Do you plan to change UX?

Hey guys,

just curious if you are planning to change UX on web and also on mobile app. It seems for me it is always in some first MVP spirit. I think there is a lot of things that can be changed and a lot of stuff can be removed or display differently to make a user life easier. I’m a developer and working with apps and I think it can be much better :slight_smile:.

You also moved focus from exchange, because of high competition, so you should adjust it in that way.

Thanks and have a great day!


Hi, thanks for caring! Could you please make an ordered list of what you think needs to be improved (+ why and how if possible :slight_smile: ). Please do make a distinction between web and mobile.


Thanks @l0st0 we appreciate feedback. As @Oldsport asked, can you please provide a list of things you think need to be improved, plus the why and how :slight_smile:


No problem, I’m actually just asking if there are some plans about changing UX. I will have more time during weekend so I can name few, but still it will be only from my view and experience. For UX you probably would need more users to decide what is better.

I can prepare some photos and ideas where I see problems.


i don´t know if im going to get bashed here (i don’t use this app), but i find this neon color charts appealing. It could be used, like PRO nash version (the one that we have) or SIMPLE nash (UI).

Here is one example from Bitso’s UI (this is my fiat on-ramp).

Thanks for sharing! Personally I’m not a fan of the Neon look… But it might be interesting to have a different style if ever there’s a pro version of the app, agreed.


The Nash App already looks way too geeky for an app that tries to attract the mainstream crowd.

Adding Neon Charts will def not help :upside_down_face:

Maiar is doing a really good job on attracting the new Nash target group imo.

How so? Could you please explain what you think they are doing right? :pray:

Their app looks more like a Social App while Nash looks more like a Trading App.

Seems like they try to “make it fun/cool” to buy crypto. The pictures of happy people on their website works well too.

And just generaly better structured imo… The Nash Wallet page (for example) is very overwhelming with a lot of numbers and not much visual hierarchy. And the coin Icons are very small which doesn’t give the “sense of ownership” that i guess could be appealing.

And the big blue rectangle takes all the attention for no real reason. Main focus should be on total balance, individual coin balances and coin icons imo.

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I agree ao this one, but I personally specifically like that about the Nash App.
Think it’s kind of a personal preference thing

I also find it weird that the Total $ Balance and the Individual coin $-balance are in opposite colors.

Total $ Balance: Black
Individual coin $-balance: Grey
Coin-amount: Black

Would be more intuitive with:

Total $ Balance: Black
Individual coin $-balance: Black
Coin-amount: Grey

So that all $-amounts are Black and coin-amounts are grey.

The colors are telling me that I have 1718$ in NEX but reality is that I have 2886$.

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I agree, especially on the part that the amount of information on the landing page is a bit overwhelming. Personally, i would think that a limit of two or three decimals would allready clear things up (and if you click on the token you would see your exact amount)

I gave it another shot:


Hey guys,

Wanted to give some feedback and critique. Hope that’s alright.


  • The bottom footer is the same white tone as the asset scroll area, as a result the assets gets cut off in an unappealing way as you’re scrolling
  • The red and green highlight on your total balance, when price updates, does not fit the Nash style and is associated with technical trading which I believe is not the direction Nash is taking
  • There is nowhere for your eyes to rest, design is too busy
  • very easy to get confused with moving your eyes left and right along the asset scroll bar area
  • The design does not draw your eye to areas of importance
  • You do not get a positive feeling, there should be sense/feeling of value from held assets
  • General visual appeal is not quite there

All of the feedback aside I think looking at Nashes product pillars would help guide the design a lot. Obviously I dont know what these are but I think this would help, you can look at the design and say, does this hit our pillar of being “welcoming” and so on. Everything you do needs to get you closer to those pillars. I also think with the new direction Nash is taking it means that you need to re-examine if your product pillars still make sense and then if the design language needs to change to accommodate this.

As a side note Nash plans to add more core features in the future. If you are making new layouts consider how new screens can be added that wont overcrowd what is already currently there.

I hope its okay but I’ve done a quick mockup addressing some of the issues ive stated and also made it feel a bit more Nash following some of the design language shown in the website. By no means is this design perfect but I think gets a little closer to a more readable design. Thanks.