Do we have any data on if/when NEX will support ONT/ONG? Does being in the NEO-family make it easier to integrate?

I’d like to build my ONT stack and I’m thinking, if it was an option, to take my dividends in ONT/ONG. Would also LOVE and ONT/NEO/ONG/GAS group of pairings.

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To my knowledge there’s been no mention of when any new chains will be supported other than Btc and Ltc.
I guess the relation could make Ont easier to integrate, would be good to hear from the team on that

Great question…having ONT / ONG well supported on Nex would great. Outside of this group, many people having been asking where to buy ONG too. Even Binance does not support it.

It would be interesting to know that answer as NEX could be using Match-rings protocols (similar to Loopring) where you could be matching any token in a trade (see whitepaper “3.1 Off-chain Matching Engine”).
Everyone does the ETH, BTC, a bit of Neo and a bit of stable coin pairing with other tokens (each trading platform also like to pair with their native tokens like BNB or KCS, etc.)
Getting some other pairing would increase the overall liquidity of the exchange :nex_logo: by a lot. Starting with the most famous NEP-5 tokens would make sense IMO .