Dividend pay out frequency

Could it be possible to allow each NEX staker to choose their own frequency of dividend payouts?

For tax simplicity reasons, I would much prefer to receive dividends once a month, rather than daily. Also, perhaps any held back dividends could be used by the exchange to create a little more liquidity?

From the Nash knowledge base:

“Nash provides monthly staking statements that aggregate these payments into a single figure for accounting purposes.”

Whilst this is helpful, I am required to log the fiat equivalent value of any asset received on the day I received it, then update the overall price I have paid for that asset (if not disposed of on the day it was received), which depends on the fiat value assigned to that asset on previous occasions I have received/purchased that asset (otherwise known as its pool price).

The only way to avoid this complicated record keeping would be to receive dividends monthly, and on the same day the dividends are received, sell all dividends into a stable coin.