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Hi all,
A friend of mine introduced Nash to me nine month ago and I really like the project, app, functionalities, etc. Prior to nash, I mainly invested in the stock market and used and still use traditional investment providers.
When I compare nash to the traditional investment providers, I could not find the profit made up to now shown as a total and by individual coin. I tried to my own calculation by taking the history of tranfers but this was not possible as the transfers are revalued with the current coin price.
I was wondering if you could direct me to the view where I can see the overall profit and profit by coin.
Thank you,


Hi and welcome!

Such a feature does not exist on the platform (neither web nor mobile) yet. However, with the new direction Nash is taking, I would expect it to become more and more relevant.
Thanks for the feedback!

In the meantime, personally I hold everything crypto-related in my Nash wallet but use the Coingecko app for profit tracking.


Thank you for your feedback and also the advice on profit tracking. I will check it out.

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welcome my friend to the mighty halls of ironforge…äh…nash…^^

good thinking…i would love to see such a feature…tracking the average bought price and actual profit per position…very much needed…thx for your input :+1: