Discussion - how to use Maker Trading Bot the most efficient way

Hey guys

As you might already know we have a really nice maker bot which is usable even for tech. idiots like me.:slight_smile: So a fantastic opportunity to contribute to nash volume without beeing at big risk.

I just started today a try where i opened 3 different bots on all main usdc pairs (BTC / ETH / NEO). I quickly realized that while USDC / BTC generates Volume nicely. ETH and NEO struggels to match orders. I think this is because mainly all bots are running just in USDC / BTC pair. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if everybody would open bots on several pairs? I thought it would be nice to discuss it here as not everybody uses Telegram.

happy trading


I’m already busy at the btc/eth market

i will turn on my bots tomorrow, gonna sleep first :smile:
i always do robocop for btc usdc and eth usdc


I’m really a beginner but I will give it a try


Where to get one?

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u can run trading bot here https://nash.blockshain.com/maker-bot
using api file and usdc balance

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Thank you very much for your help.
How to set. ETH / USDT, NEO / USDC?

after you drag your api file to the browser, u can select other market, u can setup eth usdc and neo usdc too

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Sorry. I’m inexperienced.
How do I set up other data?

You can start multiple trading bots on the same account.

check out this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yi15Ej7ZTo&lc=Ugw-RUnx_wQ_gP1f_QF4AaABAg


Thanks Fabibi for your hard work!

I’ve been trying to set this up. It worked for a little while, but I often get this error, when retrieving orders, when placing them etc:
API error. Status code: 429 / body: [object Object]

Do you know what’s going on?


its still fixing api got problem right now

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Try to trade small amounts for some hours until fabibi fix the bug :wink:


be patient guys :slight_smile:

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I want to setup a maker bot but I do have two questions.

  1. Does my computer have to stay on for the bot to run, or can I turn off my computer?
  2. Will my buy orders be below the highest current order in the orderbook by the amount I type in to the “buy wall” box? E.g. I type in 0.1, highest current buy order is 11,200$, my oder will be at 11,199.9$ ? Is that correct?
    Thanks in advance.

Right now it fails to keep running giving Status code: 429 errors and sometimes it tells me that my order is too small while it isn’t. @fabibi

  1. computer must stay on
  2. yes, that is correct. the bot buy order will be below the highest current order, buy wall is for ignoring spoof order.

Cheers to the author of this trading bot.

I use it and it works great. I don’t make a lot of daily volume, but it’s cool to help Nash to grow.