Directly depositing or withdrawing in/from trading contracts. Possible in the future?

A current negative about nash, is that to trade, you need to deposit into your nash wallet, and then into the trading contracts.
I’m wondering if this can improve in the future, where Nash could perhaps allow direct deposits into the trading contracts and direct withdrawals?
Perhaps some save guards can be put into place, that this feature is only allowed if there are whitelisted addresses saved into someone’s accounts.

It would speed up the ability to take trading oppurtunity at other places and on nash quite a bit!

Ofcource, it would then also be cool if the API’s will support this feature.

Why would you hold assets outside of Nash’s Funds Manager?

For 99% of users, this shows how Nash should be used. If an early hodler like yourself is still asking for this, it confirms my original point that most will not understand this right away…

EDIT: @Konijntje explained his question in further details on telegram. A possible use case for the above is indeed if someone wants to trade partly outside of Nash.

Let’s say I trade on the BTC/ETH pair on Nash. A good trading opportunity appears on the XMR/ETH pair on another exchange. It would be nice to be able to send ETH directly to that exchange, trade, then back to Nash’s trading contract directly without having to go through personal account.

As I said, though this would be nice, most of traded volume in crypto comes from the pairs Nash already has. So I understand if Nash were to deprioritize this for now.


Anything, pretty please?:pleading_face:

if ur already using lightning then yes . if not no