Different privat keys

When NEX is going to release its exchange there will also be the option to trade between different blockchains. For example NEO --> ETH or NEO --> BTC

Because NEX is designed like a DEX (private keys hold by the user) I thought about how it will look like when I trade between two blockchains.

Do I have to login in with both private keys or is just my private key, where my funds will be send from, and my personal public key, where the traded tokens will arrive, necessary?

I guess its not that easy to design an interface for people who don’t have a clue about the private/public key system. I’m excited to see the solution from NEX about this. :smiley:


The team are best to answer but from my understanding for ETH and Neo and other smart contract platforms in future, we will control the keys for those. Whereas btc and ltc funds will be held by Nex/Nex system. All will be explained in future.

Recently Ethan mentioned that after setup, the exchange will be accessible with username, password and 2fa. Definitely ideal for those with no clue about private keys. Some have lost theirs already.