Different amount of NEX in Neoscan

Hey there !
I’ve got a question. I don not have the same amount of NEX on my extension as on NEOSCAN. Should I worry ?

thanks, NEX community!

Same thing happened to me not a long time ago. Give it some time, its gonna show up eventually.

Thank you! i did not think it was a real problem either but I thought I should ask…:slight_smile:

You shouldn’t worry about this, the online platforms such as neotracker or sometime neoscan are often behind and fail to show an accurate representation of what is held in a wallet.

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You probably bought some tokens via Aphelion, right? If so, then withdrawing them won’t reflect on your neotracker balance but it does on neoscan.

That was (and still is) the problem for me at least.

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Exactly! :slight_smile:

Well it’s going to show up someday… Thank you for your feed back!

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