DEX hype coming?

Guys, I need your opinion. I think we are heading towards a DEX bubble. As you know, we are currently in the Defi bubble, but I think it will now push DEX tokens. We have seen that this defi movement was fueled by Uniswap. Today, this exchange is reaching more than 150 mil$ in volume, which is better than most centralized exchange! I have recently seen many dex tokens starting to pick up (like NEX of course), and the hype coming back. DEXs are the defi application that will see mass adoption first, so it is quite logical. What do you think? Are we entering in a very favorable market period for NASH?


Yes, assuming the fact that everything will be tokenized in the future, the money printer will not stop, the centralized power will restrict more and more things.
Just imagine the change that needs to happen in order for people to believe in their leaders again.
The vision that Nash is delivering, is the only way for me to believe again in the equal opportunities etc. This will be adopted at the global level, the little guy will not tolerate the system anymore. I am just waiting for it to happen. Let the dollar bring the pain , and Nash will solve it for people. ( in a legal way of course)
Big dream yo be able to invest in crypto assets from Moldova :moldova:


It could be possible, the deeper question is are we prepared to take advantage of that bubble and come out on top?


NEX above 1$! :champagne::champagne::champagne:

I don’t think is a bubble, the one that update the books cannot be the one that handle the custody. Exchanges must be non-custodial.

Current “CeFi” custodial solutions are a 200 years regression for financial markets.


I am referring to the emotional status of speculators more that the actual valuation of the tokens. Of course Defi has potentially much more value than it currently has (if it succeed of course). But things are not rational in the markets, simply because it is hard to know the real value of things.
We are entering a new cycle, that will most likely end in bubble territory, and I see NASH gaining traction thanks to its DeFi nature.