DEX are becoming more popular

Have you seen this top trending topic on /r/CryptoCurrency and especially its comments?

Things are looking better and better every day for DEXs as people are starting to realize how irresponsible it is for them to hand over their coins to a third-party.

#NotyourkeysNotyourcoins #TrustYourselves

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Yeah I saw this post as well. This is such a great example why CEX are not the way to go.
Sadly right now no one is talking about nash. But when the product is open for all and when there will be more marketing nash will rock it.
There is no reason to use a CEX in future.

I saw 3 comments about Nash on there with a decent # of upvotes, I helped create conversation with it, and also upvoted. That is the best we can do for now!

This thread looks amazing for Nash. That one redditor did a little too much too obvious but people get aware. All Nash employees should jump on the train whenever there is something to upvote for Nash or educate people.

Yes, this is great for news… but in the end, we all know, that (good) DEX’s are the future, and not CEX’s…