Devs: Heads up! Upcoming Nash #1 dApp competition

Hi :wave:!

Just wanted to give a heads up as usual to our community - in special the builders here - we will launch the first Nash dApp competition before the end of the month.

What is this?

We will allow projects built using Nash API keys and (soon to be) Nash Login to apply for earning a financial prize and business support!

Number of winners and prize sizes are still TBD. But if you are around you know we have always been generous with similar projects - we will keep our consistency.

What can I do to prepare myself?

Start building your app! Nash has two main API clients:

Rust (openlimits):

For the login part - you can consider we will provide a experience similar to web3 providers such as metamask.

Which kind of applications are you looking for?

The theme will be something closer to “Easier to earn, trading more, working less”

So we are looking for applications that empower people to put their capital to work on Nash markets under different setups: social trading, fixed strategies, gamified trading, interest paying, savings.


Goal is to announce officially the program launch before the end of the month, that will probably be 1mo before submissions open and submissions will be accept for about one month.

Meaning: Applications should be “ready” by last week of December or 1st week of January.

Basically, we have done this before (many times) so we have an idea on timelines - this heads up is to help gear up our community and align who can help with how they can help the future of Nash.

Thanks, all the best!


Fantastic :ok_hand:

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I am using trading bots for the first time. I am loving.

Will like more such bots on Nash.


Too bad. I have a cool idea for a while now, but lack of time has held me back. No way I’m gonna get it finished this or next month. I will still create it though, and can hopefully release it this year.

Good luck to all participants!


@Nick, evaluation will be late December very likely, soooo


Hey Fabio,

I was thinking that there might be a good opportunity for Nash to reach out to universities that are offering undergraduate blockchain courses and see if any students want to develop on Nash as a class competition? Sponsored by Nash.

Or similar idea but reach out to Computer Science undergraduate courses.

Nash might be able to tap into students who have the time and energy to work on a project like this.

Most people with a full time job might struggle to find the time.

Just a thought.


If one of you guys or girls or a group of people does a better AMM i will love you forever :smiley:

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Things are getting interesting :call_me_hand:


This is an excellent idea!


@IanJ maybe you want to bootstrap your idea doing so.


I dont think you are the only one who is short on time. I could help but also not full time (not even close) maybe we should have a sub category for dev and make groups working on a project together.


You mean like a #development category? :smirk:



Any news towards the dApp competition and Nash Login?

Just curious if Nash Login will be capable of interacting and signing transactions from third party smart contracts with the benefit of MPC. Maybe I need a sweet tool for handling the user wallets in a safe manner for a blockchain game. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Any update on this competition?

@Garda we are still planning to run it - but given the busy end-of-year we didn’t want it competing attention with the trading competition.