Design Improvement Nash App

Hey Nash Team

we had a discussion about the current design in the DACH Community and @kltkn on telegram has a good idea about it.

The current design doesn’t have a lot of space from the bottom and the top more space would looks much better and every other app use that lay-out with more space.

So the idea is to let more space on the top and bottom. A concept from me as example.

And it will follow more this theory

Thanks Nash Team for your hard work :+1:t2:


Part 1:
Here are some Screenshots i’ve made overlaying with the thumb zones.


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:
In my personal opinion there are too many crutial buttons in the “Hard” or “Forget about it” zone.
An easy fix, although decreasing the overall usable screen real estate, would be to enlarge the title like you can see in a lot of other apps (e.g. Spotify, Traderepublic etc.)

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Part 5:
Thumb Zones obviously vary from person to person. But as you can see in the next picture, the bottom of the screen is often also not as easy to reach.

I believe the navigation bar is also slightly too far down on the screen.
Overlaying the screenshots of any popular app with navigation bar on the button shows that.

Overall I believe these “small” fixes would make the app look much more modern and more aligned with other popular apps not necessarily in the crypto space.
I’m aware that with these changes, lots of other things probably have to be changed as well but it would make the look and feel of the user interface much nicer.


I bought $NEX about a week ago and joined the Nash community. I have experience as a designer in my 20’s and have worked on designs for MoMA Onlinestore and others in the past. I think your insights into design are spot on. I am amazed at the sophistication of the Nash community.