#DeleteBinance hashtag

(Njb) #1

As Nash is about to launch soon, might be a good time to start promoting the hashtag #DeleteBinance

Binance, being the main competitor to Nash, and which has been copying some of Nash’s features, will soon fade in comparison to Nash Exchange.

Here’s an example of the #DeleteBinance hashtag.


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(Neo Maximalist) #2

What a childish proposition

(Olu ) #3

Just be aware that Binance fans can be extremely fanatic and CZ has a cult following. His recent tweet threatening to delist BSV got over 12K likes when I saw it.
It may take more than a better product to relegate Binance. There is far more at stake.
Nash needs greater visibility and very strong partnerships.

(Njb) #4

Ever heard of #DeleteCoinbase? This is pretty normal in the cryptocurrency space.

(Njb) #5

Binance beat its competitors because it provided a good product. It came out of nowhere. Nash Exchange can do the same.

(Mao Mao) #6

I dont think its a good idea to discuss this kind of stuff at nash forum. This forum is to help nash improve…

(Njb) #7

It’s a community forum, as I understand it. Where would you suggest?

(Hodl) #8

Focus your energy on Nash and not on competitors (yet).

(Nicefox) #9

bad idea, the product should attract users and not these hashtag campaigns. There may be some who dislike nash/binance for their own reasons, but I don’t think the community needs to do this to help nash

(Njb) #10

Communities are just lots of individuals. There is no “the community” in that sense.

(Olu ) #11

Binance has just delisted BSV and I am sure you know what that does to the popularity of Binance lol.
I disagree with many things Binance has done/is doing, but I agree with those who say this community shouldn’t spearhead the hashtag you are proposing.
Fine if individuals use the hashtag but it shouldn’t be the duty of this community.
The Nash team has its strategy for driving adoption and I’m sure it doesn’t involve mud-fighting with Binance or any other exchange.

(Njb) #12

There is no such thing as an official community. The community is just individuals.

(Olu ) #13

I have no problem with the hashtag per se. Binance has played dirty in too many ways to be counted.
Just saying be careful how you go about it.
The majority of crypto users today aren’t driven by altruism. They are driven strictly by profit. Such individuals are willing to defend dodgy coins/projects for as long as it serves them.

Hopefully Nash is also targeting new users (nocoiners) who have not been tainted by the irrational greed in this space.

(Ant0ni081) #14

AS underhand as Binance has been, it still has its place, and what they have done to create such a good and widely used exchange within a year or so is outstanding.
You shouldnt really join the hate binance clan… at the end of the day NASH can learn a lot from pre-existing exchanges and implement their features on NASH to make sure we have the advantage.
People have a clan mentality and follow the money, if nash has all Binances features implemented in the correct/ethical way plus have a ton of features only on NASH, then that is how people will flock to use NASH over binance.
Bring a hate movement against a giant will only make you look like an idiot.
Insted bring some discussion to how we can learn from their mistakes AND their sucesses… becuase dispite the underhanded tatics with CZ, hes made a fantastic exchange and a epic business plan.

(Rened Fwa) #15

That’s what Nash is doing.

(Njb) #16

Hate is a pretty strong word. It’s just a hashtag for people to move on from Binance. If Nash works better, there really is no point in using Binance. Just as there will be little reason to use Coinbase either.

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(Ant0ni081) #17

Fair enough, but delete binance is agressive … maybe something more pro nash and not negative binance is what i was getting at yea.

(Nicefox) #18

i meant official community for those who are part of community.nash.io

(Njb) #19

This is just an online forum. It’s not an organization. Nash is a company, and we’re a bunch of individuals who have no formal organization.

(Mao Mao) #20

I rather we have a strong working product then we can use it to promote and attract new users.

Not using words like when nash is about to launch we should throw bad words at competitors.

This is not what i feel like doing. At least from me. It feels like we are a bunch of kids without good argument doing so. If we have a good argument for using nash, people will come in naturally. Imo.