Glad to see that the team is paying close attention to the crypto ecosystem by having survey on defi saving/ earn feature. Defi is raging right now and I have been an avid users of multiple protocols in the past few months, such as curve, yfi, nexus mutual, maker and etc.

In terms of how Nash can add value in the ecosystem, personally I would like to see an on-ramp of native btc to wbtc. Currently I used that service from coinlist. But what Nash can differentiate itself is by having the btc and eth wallet in the Nash app itself, thereby allowing seamless switching from btc to wbtc and interact with defi all under one app, I don’t think any app or exchange is offering this service right now and believe it will bring strong attention to Nash if this can be implemented. It would be great if Nash can be the go to app for all defi services. From fiat directly to being crypto sovereign.

The narrative of being one stop stop of crypto solution is very enticing. Several apps are already aiming for that such as dharma and linen. Even coinbase has released coinbase wallet for this. Would love to see Nash making the experience much palatable than coinbase in this regards.


I think this is a great move by the team, couldn’t help but feel bullish just at the idea. Keep making moves!