Decentralising matching engine nodes later, anything the team has planned for this?

Hello team, and community. I was wondering if the team wants to decentralise the matching nodes later, and if there is any incentive for users to host a node…and a required a amount of tokens for this? and if there will be a required amount of tokens, will those also work if already staked?

Just a curiosity… Thanks!


I think they mentioned 100% revenue instead of 75% for people staking NEX and running a node, just as a possibility.

That was ages ago though, not sure what their current stance is regarding this. Would that require a separate staking contract? Good information to be made aware of.


thanks for this information! Although yeah, would be good to get up-to-date thoughts/plans from the team.

anything @clare you or the team can say about this?

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Hey there @Konijntje I think @canesin can give you a better answer than I. Hopefully he is enjoying some sunshine today so I will ping him a reminder on Monday.


anything? :smile:

would have to be able to freeze staked funds for this i suppose.

good question tho

I think it will take up to a full year from today for our complete platform to be focused on optimizations (instead of new features). That phase will probably last also a full year dedicated to seeking growth and optimizing the platform. After that, we will look into this, there are several small steps we can take a long the way to improve transparency even further - we will do those along the way.


thanks! good to know :slight_smile:

In the meantime, what would be the best way to demonstrate to my friends Nash is non-custodial ? (‘we never take control of your money’)