Decentralising matching engine nodes later, anything the team has planned for this?

Hello team, and community. I was wondering if the team wants to decentralise the matching nodes later, and if there is any incentive for users to host a node…and a required a amount of tokens for this? and if there will be a required amount of tokens, will those also work if already staked?

Just a curiosity… Thanks!


I think they mentioned 100% revenue instead of 75% for people staking NEX and running a node, just as a possibility.

That was ages ago though, not sure what their current stance is regarding this. Would that require a separate staking contract? Good information to be made aware of.


thanks for this information! Although yeah, would be good to get up-to-date thoughts/plans from the team.

anything @clare you or the team can say about this?

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Hey there @Konijntje I think @canesin can give you a better answer than I. Hopefully he is enjoying some sunshine today so I will ping him a reminder on Monday.


anything? :smile:

would have to be able to freeze staked funds for this i suppose.

good question tho

I think it will take up to a full year from today for our complete platform to be focused on optimizations (instead of new features). That phase will probably last also a full year dedicated to seeking growth and optimizing the platform. After that, we will look into this, there are several small steps we can take a long the way to improve transparency even further - we will do those along the way.


thanks! good to know :slight_smile:

In the meantime, what would be the best way to demonstrate to my friends Nash is non-custodial ? (‘we never take control of your money’)

Delete their 2FA app and destroy the 2FA secret keys for their Binance/Coinbase/Nash accounts, then ask them to try and recover their funds.

Nash - “Phew, I still have the private keys, even if I can’t recover the account I’ll be fine”

Coinbase/Binance - “OMG I hope support can help me recover my account, plz let my funds be SAFUUU :sob:

The traumatic experience will help them to see things from your perspective - or they might try to strangle you, one of the two!

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Coinbase also locked accounts before, and didn’t give access back. When user’s email them they simply say an internal investigation resulted in the lock and there’s nothing more to do.
And it’s not super rare either.

A simple google search:

Either way, this is a bit offtopic but just wanted to add how bad centralised exchanges can be.

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