Dec. Team

Hi team,

First of all, many compliments for all you hard work and how the project is evolving; I’m very exited for the future!

Second, a question regarding the decentralized way the team operates. I presume you have individual people working on parts of the project that is the vision of a few. Every Nash team member is therefor valuable but some persons seem more difficult to replace than others.
Are there any contingencies in place if something happens to our “Elon Musks” and “Steve jobs’s”? Are there multiple persons that can comprehend the complete scope of the code/project?

Third, i heard in one of your presentations that initially the system can run on 5 nodes.
I.M. (humble) O. in the future this should be more nodes covering all continents and most jurisdictions. What is your end goal regarding decentralization of the hardware in the future?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!