Dear Santa

Here is the list of things we want for the 31/12/2019 :slight_smile:

  1. Best price program : please go ELI5 on this one if possible.

  2. Wen new UI

  3. Wen funds manager V2

  4. Wen new tokens listed

  5. Wen BTC forks

  6. A bit more about the Volume Solution Thesis :smiley:

  7. Wen nash Pay

will update if more ^^

Thank you

  1. That is a partners program, to provide Nash with better prices than the reference markets. Bets price = tighter spreads than main markets. This should make arbitrage interesting.

  2. Q1 on adv. exchange. Other pieces are lower priority.

  3. Funds manager is β€œthe same” it just has a new way to work and some new features, Q1.

  4. We are working on a few ERC-20, but focus is on BTC and forks.

  5. After BTC, BTC is coming.

  6. We validate the liquidity thesis, main markets are quite liquid, not yet the volume. Our partners require BTC markets for us to be able to work on that.

  7. NashPay MVP is planned for first half of the year.

  1. maybe you guys cant hear it anymore but instead of this LX β€œmoon” misunderstanding (red pulse next nep5 …a. ) some promising projects what have an active community and a working product what make sense, it would be so nice connecting both communities! waiting another months for maybe a new listing is a hurtful message. please ad maker dao and dai.