Dead trading pairs on Nash

The dead pairs listed on the exchange, many of which have been dead for a very long time or since their inception, seem pointless to maintain. In fact it reflects negatively on the exchange to have so many dead pairs with huge spreads.

So does Nash have any policy that triggers delisting coins/pairs from Nash or is it just arbitrarily up to the team?


I agree. From the pairs in your screen shot, I think only one Gas pair, USDT/USDC and Gunthy should remain.

I would also like to see LTC, BCH and BTC pairs for Link and Neo. I think we will see these in time, but it would be great to have them for season two of Nash League.


It appears the USDC pairs are by far the most popular. Perhaps LTC/USDC and BCH/USDC would suffice at first, so their liquidity isn’t split into multiple markets.

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Perhaps it is possible to negotiate some basic liquidity / volume provision with the relevant teams for those tokens with little or no volume.

Low or no volume pairs are not by themselves a problem. In case more users come and volume picks up, then people might want various pairs back again, so in that sense it is better to have something that is not used than to not have something when occasionally someone might want to use it.

If a project is entirely dead it obviously makes sense to quickly delist the associated token.