Dark mode login

Just to notice the login page in dark mode, the text is not easy to read
Blue one next to “Create one” and maybe do something for the nash logo

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Got this too, dunno if it’s my browser, I use Brave, everything was good since 2/3 days

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Did you try to refresh your browser’s cache? I had the same behavior (on Chrome) a few days ago and it looks ok now.

Coincidentally, I was just discussing this bug with @Nathaniel. The sign-in page is not supposed to be affected by the dark mode toggle. This makes sense, since sign-in is not actually part of the user’s account. The developers are aware of it and it should be fixed soon.


Cleared the cache and still the same

:upside_down_face: When I’m on my laptop, I can’t see text in the right side " which assets can I send"

This have been fixed this morning :smiley: