Not on the list :confused: wondering whats the story… id love to see it on there . also some partnership with compound etc

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from Lisbon AMA:

WIP - Work in progress.
OK - Already in Nash
FUT - To be seen, unknown if it is feasible given its limitations. Future work.
BLK - Not being worked, legal uncertainty.
SEC - Not being worked, current possible security concern in consensus.
1 Bitcoin - WIP
2 Ethereum - OK
4 Bitcoin Cash - WIP
5 Tether - BLK
6 Litecoin - WIP
8 Binance Coin - BLK
9 Bitcoin SV - SEC
10 Stellar - FUT
11 Cardano - FUT
12 Tron - BLK
13 Monero - FUT
14 Chainlink - WIP
15 Unis sed Leo - BLK
16 Huobi Token - BLK
18 NEO - OK
19 Dash - WIP
20 Cosmos - FUT

TBH, even have 20 projects eventually is a lot. There probably aren’t more than 5 or so projects that actually are significant investments in the crypto-space. We don’t really need that many pairs to be listed. Otherwise, we end up as an altcoin casino like Binance. The main thing is Bitcoin and almost everything else is a sideshow.


Dont leave the Eth gang out … erc20’s wont be too time/moni costly to add also. decentralised stablecoin isnt too casino on the spectrum.
having dai opens up to defi products / partnerships also … and onboarding to their ecosystem in a two way deal … ur poaching users off each-other

There are ERC20’s on the list, I believe. The cost is in lawyer’s fees and making sure they are compliant. That could be the issue with DAI - I don’t know. But obviously stablecoins are useful.

obviously there are legal fees … but yeah my points all stand . and the question remains …

I’m presuming that there are legal reasons… there is a DAI wallet though.

dai does seem like a good addition. but only if nash can bring bitcoin, bcash, litecoin to the table first. we’ll only then see the true potential of nash once those pairs are introduced. speculating about any other coins probably doesn’t fall into the interest of most traders.

yawn … its a tactical suggestion to add defi / eth community members over to our platform … adding additional defi products blends Nash with their current user base.

yes… I acknowledge that BTC and the forks are a priority

i’d like the see that. widening the community is always a welcome suggestion. but i didn’t see maker dao or dai listed on their future listings. might be further down on their priorities for aggressive expansion.

The list needs to updated at least once a year! In past 6 months Chainlink is now “OK”