Customer Service

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Hello Nash Team,

The purpose of this post is to dig a little into Nash Customer Service. It is also to let you guys know how I found dealing with the ‘support’ section of

A little before last weekend I sent an email with one or two questions about the exchange.
I received an automatic email notification letting me know that my submission has been received and the Nash team aim to get back to me within one business day.

Its now Wednesday and I haven’t received a reply.

This does worry me about when the exchange launches.
I’m sure Nash team are familiar with the saying It costs 7 times more to obtain new customers then it is to keep existing customers

Some points/recommendations:

  • New customers will be asking questions about the exchange when they are using the exchange. They will not want to wait a week to learn how to perform a specific task or have a question answered. (Nash is going to need Live Customer Service Chat) Kraken is a great example of this. When using Kraken, a small pop-up comes on the screen asking if i’d like any help.
  • The ‘Zen desk’ brand is present on the Nash Customer Support page, the automatic email notifications and a few other places. Surely there is an option to have this removed from the Nash website and emails? Even if Nash has to purchase a more pricey Zen Desk subscription, I think its worth it. New customers need to get familiar with Nash, not two brands at once.

I will add to this post as I come across more things.

(Crypto Fox) #2

Excellent point. We don’t want exchange users to start ranting about “how the nash support sucks so much”

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

The customer service email address is ’’ .
At the bottom of the email it says ’ This is a service from Nash delivered by Zendesk’

Please change this guys. It just doesn’t look well.


(Crypto King) #4

Too poor for customers service. They need a life customers service if nash needs to achieve mass adoption.

(Carla Paiva) #5

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. We are aware of those issues and we’ve been working on it for a while. The entirety of the website including the support page will change very soon.

We have a lot of changes ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

(Olu ) #6

Good observations.
In addition, I think the emails from Customer Service should encourage new users to join the community and raise questions/search for solutions and feedback in the community in the first instance, while waiting for more detailed replies if the problems persist.

(Nex Chapter) #7

I agree :slight_smile:

(Peter) #8

For any operational customer support/service positions, Fabio and Ethan already know I’m keen. I love helping others; It would be a bonus to help others in this great community.

Remember to put me on the shortlist :wink:

(Neogasrpx) #9

Peter for President! :man_astronaut: