Current crypto situation

Good day dear community, how does the current situation of the market affect the project, since the ICO was carried out with NEO at $ 18.50 and is currently half price, affects the liquidity of the project?

Fiat membership partners to the platform that indicates the roadmap of what countries are? Is Alipay among them?@ethan


@elcontador most of NEX assets have been secured in fiat, enough for a couple of years. We do hold additional values in BTC, ETH, NEO, GAS and NEX.

We have no intention of making partnership announcements for fiat partners, you will be able to see who they are in your geography when using the platform. I am personally dedicated to expand the network for currently undeserved regions.


@canesin What is the requirement for becoming FIAT partner especially in African Countries?


Good question, attentive to the answer to share with processors from my country who are friends.

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@BaClaire and @elcontador the requirements is to be an business already dealing with fiat and crypto at the jurisdiction. There is a standard to be implemented and a check, we will make it public when time is right and at that point you guys can connect - we already have sizable coverage and are using it to refine the workflows before expanding.


Thank you, Mr. @canesin for your time.

Come on, we’re here!

Really happy to see that NEX have secured most of the funding and converted to FIAT. I’m sure a lot of projects wont survive this as they were gambling on the ETH/NEO they raised going higher.

Most projects keep a large percentage of the tokens in there own projects and its only greed to also speculate on the ETH/NEO you raised also moving higher as it puts the viability of the project in jeopardy at the hands of the investors.

Really looking forward to seeing the market price a project with actual value as opposed to speculation.


I will also propose NEX to accept FIAT payments through Western Union or other forms on FIAT transfers services. This will help facilitate remote areas in Africa where getting crypto and bank to bank transfer issues are more expensives thaN western union or money grams.

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Well Great @canesin thank you for the response,

cant wait to log in and see the fiat partners for greece. if i dont have any i will go directly to my bank to write complains lol. Revolut card made offices in Greece… Its the third country after England and France. We are desparate for revolutionary solutions after the capital controls.

Just to remind everybody that recent rise in btc is great for Nash as well. Trading 1 btc couple of weeks ago would generate 20.000$ volume on Nash. If you would trade 1 btc today, it would generate over 33.000$ of volume.

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