Aphelion disabled trading: SEC rulings

luckily customer tokens on APH platform were not frozen. the approach they went for was extremly risky and in that regards they put clients funds at that risk. In my point of view every company that collects funds from clients must protect it as best as possible starting with compliance. To play games with financial market regulators is not really an option. In that regards stay safe guys.

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i do not

I dont know gow about you guys n girls, but i am very happy for Aphelion closure

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The real question, what’s going to happen to the NEX held hostage. Will they dump the tokens?

Next time please read the article before commenting

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:nex_logo: gets a shout out from K-Dub (@18:22) regarding Aphelion closure

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@NEX4EVER that is why NEX team is here…they are moving towards fully compliant with regulators! Lovin NEX!

So, after the Aphelion closure, does anyone know if there are currently any good (easy-to-use, reliable) options to buy NEX?

@canesin I was very curious about what did NEX do with the NEO collected during the ICO. Was it converted on the spot or are you holding any neo collected during the ICO. If yes, it is huge loss to our compony, since NEO is now hals the ICO price.

@hitesh Here is what Fabio said recently on it…


You can also trade on TOKOK.

You can also buy/sell in OTC channels but beware, full of scammers. Almost got scammed myself.

is that site legitimate? seems really fishy to me… I was wondering whether to start buying there

Still experimenting with it myself. It takes at least 24 hours to get verified. You need verification to be able to withdraw funds.

i wouldnt?

I have done several successful trades on TOKOK. Works fine.

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Did you already send it to your wallet there?

Not sure what you mean? I have withdrawn and deposited from there.

And that is exactly what is often said that it does not work. Hmmmmmm …

Who has said that? I haven’t seen any messages from someone who has failed to withdraw their funds.