Currency Partner

Hello there Nash Community!

First of I´m not sure if I´ve placed the post at the right place, But let´s hope so.

I am currently in the progress of creating a service for exchanging Fiat to crypto (Limited to my own country) And i would really love to implent a “DeFi” system where users are in control of their own funds.

This seemed impossibe as I lack the technical skills to build something like this on my own.
However i found out about this :

And as far as i understand it, I would be able to intergrate the non custodial exchange and digital asset management system within my own platform?

So have i understood this currency partner program correct?

Also how hard would it be to implent Nash services on my own platform? (From a technical perspective).

Is the currency program currently active? Can i start playing with implenting it already?
Or do i have to acquire the money transmitting license first?

This is obligated for my service anyways, But this means i have to finish the platform without DeFi options just to accuire my license, and then file for interest in becoming a nash currency partner?

Sorry a lot of questions here hopfully someone, can shed some light on them :slight_smile:


@canesin could you shed some light here, when ever you feel obligated and free of time?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: