- TOKENISED SECURITIES EXCHANGE exchange for possible listing


I do not know English well, learn who can. And there is a form for listing

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Why do you want NEX to be traded on other exchanges than NASH itself? As a NEX holder it should be good when the trading takes part with NASH…

more people - more girth and more volumes

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well, but it’s less people and less volume if the trading takes place somewhere else. (Therefore no gains for NEX holders)

In theory it might be possible that people buy NEX somewhere else and then join NASH for staking and maybe could then start using NASH for trading too. But I don’t think that this effect is huge, so I would prefer them to come directly to NASH.
In my opinion only a very big exchange could bring new attention in the described way.


in my opinion, its better if NEX tokens launch on Nash Exchange. Plus, many of these centralized security exchanges are shady.


White paper exchange

I wasn’t going to right this but after opening the link, I felt the need to call BS on this one.

Their ‘whitepaper’ reads like a marketing brochure with buzzwords everywhere and is clearly targeted at retail investors. This looks exactly like with better marketing and a slightly more competent team. The concept is the same in that it is a hybrid crypto/traditional asset exchange, where the ‘tokens’ you buy are supposedly backed by real shares, commodities etc. To understand just some of the problems with this and why it doesn’t solve anything read this post I made here.

To make things worse, their whitepaper literally says:

"4.1. Tokenised securities do not provide any right to the underlying instruments."

"10.1. Positions opened with us will not be traded on any other exchanges. The prices and other conditions are set by us"

So ‘tokens’ that can’t be freely transferred and have no rights to ownership…right…

They mention cross-chain (it sounds like they are hoping that someone else will solve this for them). They also reference Raiden, Polkadot, LN etc and how this will be integrated into their platform but the explanation is so vague and short (less than a few sentences) that I seriously doubt that they understand these technologies.

They claim they will be fully decentralised in the future (pg41), despite being completely centralised right now, give no indication as to how/when they will go about this. Again it’s so vague that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just thrown in there to check the word ‘decentralisation’ off the list.

Their whitepaper proudly boasts of a matching speed of 50 million matches per second which is a red flag. This is completely unnecessary even in the most active equities/commodities markets in the world so the only reason for inclusion is to give the reader the false impression that big numbers = better.

I could go on but I think you get the idea…wouldn’t be good for NEX to be listed on this pseudo-blockchain platform and as others have said; it is more beneficial to people staking NEX, for trading of NEX to be on Nash.

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Of course, this exchange does not solve all the crypto problems, but as, perhaps, the transitional model seems to be quite good. As for trust, we already have to trust a lot in this space. so there is nothing terrible in this exchange. At the moment there are 50,000 applications for registration on this exchange. So there are enough testers. If everything is going to be good, then people will follow up. Also here at the state level she will be watched in earnest. Behind it are real people who have something to lose. I agree that the Nex is better to let him trade on nash. but it will be at least in the third quarter.(sorry google translate)

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