Cryptocurrency trading: The good, the bad and the ugly

Community members – our comprehensive article on cryptocurrency exchanges is finally available here! We’re aware how much you’ve anticipated this piece, and a lot of work has gone into it from various team members. We hope we’ve delivered something really special and that you’ll want to share the article and images on your social media channels.

Light the fire, pull up a chair and make a big cup of tea. It will be worth it.


Thank you Carla and team for all the hard work. Appreciate it. !!!


Thank You, been looking forward to reading this!


Great read!

Small typo though:

Cross-chain is achieved on a fake DEX is through sleight-of-hand.

Notice the double is.

Nontheless :clap::nash_n:

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Nice catch, thanks @Nick :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion, @anon73805886. The article is purposely long because we made it a point to explain in detail what we believe are the most relevant aspects of each exchange.
Don’t worry, we are well aware of the different audiences we seek to achieve and we will produce and promote materials accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:
Lastly, we appreciate your passion but would also ask that you refrain from using disrespectful language when addressing the team and Community.


Great work, read the whole article! This is very informative and should be shared around to everyone who had time to read :slight_smile:

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Lol. Prove it by liking this topic or the article.

Your caustic criticism isnt fair or factual.
This article is the best I have read from Nash so far. Even my non-techie buddy found it very helpful. It helped him finally understand double spending and he is excited to someday trade without risk from an exchange.
As for me, I now understand what a wrapped bitcoin is. I now know what wBTC means.
I now understand that Binance DEX is not a real DEX and users are merely holding IOUs, not their real cryptocurrencies.

I am so happy to be a NEX holder.
Kudos to the team for this great work.


Hi @carla

I really enjoyed reading the medium article from the team. I think they have done an excellent job outlining the differences between all the different DEXs and why Nash is the technologically superior choice. Well done!

Opportunity for improvement: I would like to see a more definitive statement regarding Nash’s stance on compliance in the info-graphic below.

It currently says Compliance - “Pioneering a global decentralised financial system”. Although this statement may be a good selling point, it doesn’t clearly state Nash’s stance on compliance.

Suggestion: Compliance - “Nash is legally compliant in all jurisdictions that we operate.” This statement is more accurate and clearly tells the reader what they are wanting to hear when compared to the other DEXs on the point of “compliance”.

I feel it’s a simple but important message to communicate about Nash. It’s a huge selling point and this info-graphic has the potential to be shared more widely than the medium article itself.

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Wow! This is beyond nitpicking, @anon73805886. This is a whole new level of scathing and bitter criticisms with a weird hint of vendetta.

The article answered many questions with clarity and patience.
Nash will give users full custody of their crypto, at all times, unlike virtually all other exchanges out there. This is in addition to so many other unique benefits.

Your complaint about the article being too long is odd. I can’t imagine that an adult investor would make this kind of complaint. With billions of dollars lost on exchanges, I would rather have a lengthy article that thoroughly explains why my funds are safe on Nash.

I want to say a big thank you to the team for this brilliantly written article. It didn’t have to answer all our queries because it isn’t going to be the last article from Nash. But it highlights the defining features of the Nash platform.
The community appreciates team Nash :+1:


Hey @anon73805886,

I understand your standpoint, but I still have to disagree with you. You are talking about “stop evangelizing anarchistic ideas, the message is too old and it is not necessary anymore”.

This message still need to be propagated. That’s the reason why blockchain exist. Empower people again, don’t gather power and trust at one point. It is also represented in the slogan from nash “Trust yourselves” in my opinion. My personal guess is that a big part of the founders motivation belong to this. That is what they stand for, that is what they work for. Doing it in another way won’t be authentic for them.

Millions of people don’t know what blockchain is. They don’t know where the technology came from, what this technology is for. They can’t understand the difference between a CEX and a DEX. Being silent about the main pillars of the project, would be totally wrong.

We can celebrate Proof of Keys on January 3rd ( without withdrawing our crypto. And it’s all thanks to Nash!

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I believe this is only the beginning. Product launch will begin a whole new level of marketing. The marketing team knows what should be done, as expressed earlier to you by Carla.

3.4k people read the article. This is really encouraging.

sorry to dissapoint you but it’s only 129 people.

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But still lots read the article and don’t clap, like I do.

I couldn’t clap because I was not logged in to Medium when I read it, so the clap metric isn’t a good measure.
Excellent article, probably the most compelling from the Nash team.


Great article - thanks for sharing

We only count the hacks that are disclosed, but I am sure that many are not revealed and are assumed as lost, I would like to see the accounting exercises of the CEX to see how is the account of losses …

Minor error:

Indeed, many exchanges begin operating without licenses from questionable jurisdictions, hoping to make a profit before eventually being closed own — hardly a promising business model, and not one to inspire confidence in users or investors.

I assume you meant “down”.

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