Crypto Lark (Lark Davis) Advertisement

Just wanted to drop in and say I loved seeing Nash as a sponsor for the latest Crypto Lark video.

I know it takes a while to get in the game with these types of influencers as most all who have followers in the high 5 or 6 figure digits range may already have an agreement with another entity which conflicts with advertising for Nash and needs to expire before that’s a possibility. But this is exactly the type of marketing I’ve been hoping for for a long time now!

I think he did a fantastic job in plugging for Nash and would be curious to know if this and any continued sponsorship from Nash results in a determinable bump in sign-ups. Hope to see more of this type of advertisement in the future! Long live Nash!!

Another thought is, not that Nash is lacking in signup/trading incentives… You guys are killing it in that area… But another sign-up incentive that may be particularly effective is letting Crypto Lark say in his ad that users who sign up through his link will receive $5 free bitcoin upon their first trade on Nash (with Tier 1 verification to prevent multiple signups per person). Just a thought.


Agree with everything you’ve said.
I also think ‘The Modern Investor’ would be great. He is all about compliance and is very mature with a clean record.
His channel:

Of course Blockchain Brad would be another great channel.

Essentially, it is the accounts with a proven clean record, focusing on macro market news and fundamentals who are the best to speak about Nash.

@chris.fenwick Hopefully we can assist with scouting some channels?


It’s a good idea but for the maximum effect, I would combine this with Nash League 2 promotion so everybody that registers through Lark and trade above X amounts of dollars would get this prize (or ticket that can earn prizes up to X amount).

Brad did already do multiple videos/interviews about/with Nash. One of the very few honest guys on crypto YouTube in my opinion


Ehm, I guess you can’t give me the source of your ‘knowledge’ regarding Brads ‘payment’, right?

To shorten this, he didn’t take any form of payment from Nash for the Interviews - and yes, this is what makes him indeed ‘special’ because it’s very rare.

The headline of the topic is about Lark and I thought you were talking about him but when I re-read your post I saw that you were talking about Brad. I deleted my post not to spread false info. I apologize for my mistake.

However, I did ask Brad on Twitter to endorse Nash or support the trading competition and he regularly ignored me. Not cool of him considering he presents himself as an honest guy and supporter of quality projects. I can only suspect that he would want a payment for this. Regarding the interviews he had with Fabio, those are legit and he really did come off as an honest guy genuinely interested in good projects. I’m not sure what to think about Brad honestly.