Crypto is spreading! Can't wait for Nash

A friend of mine who has never had interest in crypto has just texted me asking him how to buy crypto! The crypto wave is coming back and I can’t wait until Nash is a part of it.

Since we are from Canada sadly the only platforms I can provide him with are Coinbase and Shakepay as onboarding methods in Canada for crypto. I can’t wait until all I have to do is say for them to just ‘Nash’ it. Hoping to see Nash become a good onboarding option for Canadians while making it very easy for anyone to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, etc.

Having to reccomend to my friend custodial services with high fees hurts, but there is no other choice. SAVE US NASH, CAN’T WAIT!!!


@Hatertots Yeah, I have experienced the same thing. People start asking me where to buy crypto. I am always telling them to wait until Nash launches, so they will experience the safest and easiest way of entering crypto!