Crypto and Security Token Exchange INX to Raise $130 Million in Landmark IPO

Another big player joining the space!

any idea what percentage payout they are offering their token holders ?

You can find the prospectus here

It states 40% fo the Company’s net cash flow from operating activities.

“an industry first” ?


So what real innovation are they bringing? Looks like they are simply raising $100 million for a me-too exchange really.
Nash has developed a game changer which includes non-custodial cross-chain trading and they did with under $40 million. I’ll stick to Nash and avoid projects that seem like money grabs and hype.

From their F-1 filing:

In addition to the functions of the Whitelist Database, the INX Token smart contract incorporates a lock function, which restricts the transfer of a specified amount of INX Tokens from a specified digital wallet address for a period of time until a date that is specified by the Company. Once the lock function is activated, and until the lock-up period has elapsed, the locked digital wallet cannot effect a transfer of INX Tokens that would result in the number of INX Tokens being held in the wallet to fall below the specified amount. The timed lock-up feature may be activated or disarmed by the owner of the smart contract, i.e., the Company.

Does Nash have the power to disarm someone’s the lock-up period? This seems pretty shady by INX. Seems like they’re giving the government a backdoor to people’s funds.

Absolutely not. Only the token owner can release the funds from the smart contract.

No surprise here. INX is not a non-custodial exchange so your funds are never really yours if you put them on their exchange. This is the case with every other centralized exchange.
We need to stay focused; the only true innovation in crypto trading today is Nash. #TrustYourselves

Another centralized garbage :sneezing_face: