Creating a "DEX" chart for Nash

I’m gathering information on Nash to add to a “non-centralized exchanges” chart. Once that’s done, everyone will be able to quickly discern where Nash is decentralized and where it is not.

I know we’re not striving for 100% decentralization, or even to be labelled as a “DEX”. The point of this is to hopefully minimize fruitless conflicts between the various DEX communities, and lead to more constructive questions being asked; as well as outline some of Nash’s key strengths and help the crypto community to make more informed decisions.

If anyone wishes to contribute, the 7 black cells need to be addressed, and there’s a section (#4) at the bottom for ideas on new categories to add (or you could simply go ahead and add them to section (#2) yourself if you wish).


very nice Vaugrin!
I made a tab 2 and will play around with it. feel free to change it because i’m not good at spreadsheets.

Here is what i came up with, check it out and if you have time feel free to update it, to make it look better.

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

I rarely use spreadsheets, but if enough info is gathered then it’ll be easy to make something nice-looking in photoshop.

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