Hi Nash team,

Seems like COVID-19 is hitting the world in all facets of life without prejudice. How is Nash impacted by this? I’m mostly referring to the external operations with partners worldwide.

We see Carbon Money has already suspended liquidity until the end of Q2; what about the other market makers/liquidity providers? Is the affect substantial, or will there be any new delays?

Thank you.


This is a hard question, we are working full steam on Nash - as you all know we have always been a remote company. But, the Covid-19 crisis affects everyone, like you all our team members are worried with their friends and family, the leaders in Nash try to provide a safety net that gives team members the trust to continue to do their jobs with excellence. Things like guaranteeing sick paid leave, keep up-to-date information and best practices at the absolute leadership positions.

For this reasons you will see us commenting a bit about it, that doesn’t mean we are not pulling our weight in moving forward - but that we are working hard to make sure our company and community output is the least affected possible by this crisis.


All the best NASH team. Keep up the high spirits. We as a community are with you.