Countries / regions where Nash exchange is live

its amazing to hear nash fiat gateway is supported in USA, UK, Switzerland, UAE etc. Is there a list of countries / regions where nash exchange is supported/expected soon. I checked in the support section and did not see a list.

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Like regions we are working on supporting ?


A list of regions we do currently support ?

You can find out which regions are currently supported here:

A map made with this information would be nice to visualize all that.

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my bad. somehow, I missed to find the the article that lists countries not allowed to trade on nash… I was trying to find out which regions are currently supported and the article Chris pointed out just does that. Thanks.

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I’ve been keeping an close eye on Nash since its birth and put most of my investment in it. But now I cannot trade, nor stake on the exchange coz my region has no access to Nash right now. So please, could you provide a list of countries or regions the team is working on supporting, or your estimation and expectation in this regard, if possible?