Could Nash Pay Be Used With Steam?

I realise that this would be a large task to ask a large gaming company like Steam to use Nash Pay, but is this something that Nash is considering at looking into?

Back in 2017 Steam stopped accepting Bitcoin payments for games due to the high volatility and transaction fees of Bitcoin. However, Nash Pay promises to allow companies (Like Steam) to accept cryptocurrency and receive their local currency (say $USD) so they will never have to deal with these large transactions fees or volatility of the market.

Is having Steam or other gaming platforms use Nash Pay something the team can, or are looking into? It would be a huge partnership but also would be amazing to buy games using cryptocurrency on Steam again.


Quite some companys already tried im sure. I know the nano community with zero fees already did, also heard about digibyte.

Nash pay would allow fast transactions from within their state channels though, so maybe we stand a chance some day. But not now. A company like steam wants to see a track record first probably, and then its still a question if they want to get back on accepting crypto since btc is gone for a long while now.

I’ll just leave this here.

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