Corona Discussion Here

Let’s discuss corona in this topic, to keep this drama and crisis away from other things, as i find it both interesting and sickening to hear about every day.

What i find an interesting discussion is the human lifes that are saved versus the economy that can’t be allowed to be destroyed. I wonder how people here look at this.

I totally understand saving lifes is important, but i am doubting if saving some elder lives will be worth the consequences. Perhaps this sounds really bad, but i fear if the economy stands still for too long, there will be so many jobless that governments can no longer support them, people get hungry, rebel, get into crime, suicide rates go up, and the way we live our spoiled lives(compared to very poor country’s) might be gone for quite some time. So in the end, a really bad economy will cost a lot of lives as well.

EDIT: Need to mention that healthcare is also down a lot in bad economy’s, directly effecting lives as well.

EDIT2: So to make it clear i do not propose leaving people to die, but i am proposing to do whatever we can to save lives, just not at cost of the economy too much. A kind of balance. And i hope (and expect) government’s will do this as soon as the curve is flattened a bit. (so intensive care beds are available enough)

I think that governments will in a month or so (in europe) re-open things, but probably slowly and limits applied for the whole year 2020. For example zoo’s and theme parks must hire security that checks if people keep distance, cinema’s can only fill 1/3 of the seats in the rooms…those kind of rules. I think that because again the economy can’t stand still for too long, the vaccin is too far away and the virus cannot be stopped before we have a vaccin. Only slowed.

I love this virus in a way. Good opportunity to reassess the entire monetary system. Also economy already was in a degenerating stage. Wasn’t it just a matter of time ?

Could Corona be that global catalyst into 4th industrial revolution ? IMAO Smart business intelligence (AI) has been stretching this cycle for a while now … We need real new technologies, bringing real new value into peoples lives. I think 5G and trustless ecosystems can enable these. (And undoubtedly other advancements I’m unaware of in biotech, energy,…)

Until those advanced technologies are ready for mass adoption, the economy will stay low. To keep the sentimental index curves (S&P, DOW, Nikkei) in a climbing state as they were, those companies could only optimise until there is nothing left to optimise, and acquire until there is nothing left to acquire. (And acquiring R&D , hyped and early stage companies does not bring direct intrinsic value. Only emotional speculation, which is less likely to hold during eventful periods such as a crisis. A good portion of those acquisitions probably fail anyways.)

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Discussing a complex global crisis in a forum for clearly the privileged with ‘opinion’ posts of ~ 20 sentences… Personally, no, thanks


You would not be writing this if you or a loved one were in this position.

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